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Aug 30, 2011

Getting to know the Blogger - Part 2

Alright lets start by awnering last weeks questions.

Answer #1:  Bare Back & Saddle Bronc
Answer #2:  10 years age on the right knee, and 3 weeks ago on the left knee
Answer #3:  The Big Money
Answer #4: # 13
Answer #5:  Some would say 2 - Parker, our Son, and Jager, our Welsh Corgi Dog.  However, we only have 1 Human Child!

For Part 2 I am going to ask 5 additional questions about Kody and see who can answer these questions!  Once again, GOOD LUCK to all participants!!

Question #1:  What was the first hat he started creasing?
Question #2:  How many tattoos does Kody have (if any)?
Question #3:  Which horse did Kody break, train and compete on?
Question #4:  Which state is the farthest EAST Kody has been?
Question #5:  How old is Kody today?

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