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Apr 28, 2011

Extra Crispy??

I know it has been alil while since I have let you fine and sophisticated people, like myself, Under My Hat! I had a gentleman come into the store today looking for funeral clothes, and of course, I checked out the Hat he had on.  By looking, I think his Hat was Silverbelly under all the years of abuse, with a shorter brim, and crooked "Homemade" Gus crease.  I talked to him for a brief minute to make sure he didn't need my help, then one of the girls came and helped him pick out some nice new threads.  He later told me he had to go to his 101 year old Aunt's funeral.

Then he came back to me while I was shaping a Hat and asked me if I could sew in a new sweat band in his old Hat. He said "Y'all will never guess how the S.O.B fell out." So, I had to ask........ He insisted on telling me how the sweat band fell out.  This gentleman knew he had to use "steam" and heat, so he thought he could shape his Hat by putting it into the Microwave for 30 seconds.  When he pulled out his Hat, it was steaming and pliable for shaping.  However, the sweat band had shriveled and became brittle like "Extra Crispy Bacon"  He said, "I guess I should have only done it for 15-20 seconds."

I wished that was the end of this spectacular story, but it only gets better!!!!  He then told me how much he liked the shorter brimmed Hats, and how he made his own "brim trimmer"...YOU WILL NEVER GUESS!!!!!!!  Here are his step by step instructions:
1.  Find a pencil (or crayon), and a piece of string about yay long!
2.  Tie one end of the sting to the pencil (or chalk).
3.  Place the loose end of the string on the bottom part of the crown.
4.  Draw a circle around the Hat with pencil (or Sharpie Marker), while holding tension in the string.
5.  Once you have your circle, take your scissors, pocket knife, pruning shears, or nearest box cutters...and follow your circle until you have trimmed your brim to proper liking!

Under Kody's Hat is not liable for wavy brims, snags, uneven measurements, and your own disliking of your new and "improved" Hat.   PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!

Needless to say, after his adventurous story, he walked out with a brand new granite Hat, with a properly cut 4 inch brim!  Thanks for the story "man from Montecello"