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Welcome to "Under Kody's Hat"! Here is a look at some of the things I think about, know and get to do with Hats on a daily basis.

Aug 31, 2011

Grizzly Hats!

Here it is the day before September and the month of September means fall time!  With that, there is no better Hat for Wild and Woolly Wednesday.  The fall weather brings cooler temperatures and the rule of thumb on Hats is Felt after Labor Day!!  In case you didn't know it's this coming Monday!

American Hat Company & Resistol Hats both make this Grizzly Hat.  It has fur that is close to a 1/2 inch long which gives it a real shaggy look.  There is NO Beaver content in these Hats what so ever!  They are all rabbit fur which makes the quality not much more then a 4x.  This Hat has a style of its own!!

Aug 30, 2011

Getting to know the Blogger - Part 2

Alright lets start by awnering last weeks questions.

Answer #1:  Bare Back & Saddle Bronc
Answer #2:  10 years age on the right knee, and 3 weeks ago on the left knee
Answer #3:  The Big Money
Answer #4: # 13
Answer #5:  Some would say 2 - Parker, our Son, and Jager, our Welsh Corgi Dog.  However, we only have 1 Human Child!

For Part 2 I am going to ask 5 additional questions about Kody and see who can answer these questions!  Once again, GOOD LUCK to all participants!!

Question #1:  What was the first hat he started creasing?
Question #2:  How many tattoos does Kody have (if any)?
Question #3:  Which horse did Kody break, train and compete on?
Question #4:  Which state is the farthest EAST Kody has been?
Question #5:  How old is Kody today?

Aug 29, 2011

Comment Issues

I apologize for the inconveinence about not being able to post Comments under the Blog Post.  I wasn't aware the settings had been set back to default settings!  I have now fixed them, and you should be able to post your comments on each Blog Post!

Aug 24, 2011

Bad Hair Dayz

I don't know if you have ever felt like this in the the morning and known that a fight was waiting for you in the bathroom with your hair!?!?  I sure have!!  Lucky for me, I have a pile of Hats to choose from so I never have a Bad Hair Day.  (And I don't have much hair to fight with anyways!)

Now here are a couple of hair cuts that need a HAT!
The good thing about Hats is that there are soooo many styles and sizes to fit some of the messes you have going on, on top of your head.  There shouldn't be a day that you wake up are not able to win the fight against Bad Hair!

There is no reason you can't feel like a Queen or King in a great looking HAT!!!

Aug 23, 2011

Get to know the Blogger

I am going to ask you 5 questions about Kody and the person who answers all 5 correctly will win something from our many travels!

Question #1:  Which 2 rodeo events has he never done?

Question #2:  How long ago did Kody have his right ACL repaired?

Question #3:  In all the pictures on his personal or Ropin Pen Facebook, which crease does Kody do the most?

Question #4:  What number is most significant to Kody and I?

Question #5:  How many kids does Kody have now?

Please leave your answers in the comments section of this post.  I will be checking them to see who is answering them correctly.  I will be sure to let the winner know as soon as he or she has won!  Good luck to everyone who participates!!

Aug 18, 2011

Rock Stars In Cowboy Hats

If you know me I'm a bit of a Rocker, so I was thinking of all the Rockers that wear Cowboy Hats.  Now I am not saying all of them should wear a Hat, but alot do!  I just wish they had better help with some of their Head wear choices!
Take for instance, this PINK Hat with the black fur trim?  I now there is a much better choice of Hat for him.  I would love to see this Hat on Carmen Electra, she could pull it off well!  However it's not working so well for this guitarist from Guns 'n Roses.

Now as for the lead singer of Poison, I do believe he pulls this look off well.  I hate the look of this Hat by itself, but on him it goes with his flow!  If you didn't have your Hat all rolled, looking all wrinkled and wore out, you weren't one of the cool cats!  I don't know who started this trend in Hats, but it sure is a popular style! If anything, I wish they would use this particular style in a higher quality of Hat.  It looks a lot better!  Believe me, I have distressed lots of Hats in my day and not matter what you do to it, quality always wins in the end!

You can't forget the little band from Texas.  They are the staple of Rock Stars in Cowboy Hats.  This band has their very own style, sound and swagger.  These 3 have always stayed true to their Texas roots!  I think if you want to wear a cowboy Hat and rock, learn from the best!!  Take it from me...stay a "Sharp Dressed Man"

Aug 8, 2011

Hat Etiquette

There are many rules to wearing a Hat, not a ball cap, but a real HAT!  My generation doesn't practice any of these guidelines in today's society.

Back in the 20's and 30's everyone wore Hats, both Ladies and Gentleman.  They cared how they looked and was a sense of pride to sport a Hat.  Personally, a lady in a Hat always catches my attention no matter the Hat.  It just shows confidence in themselves.  With more and more people wearing Hats there is an Etiquette that goes along with it.  Some of these rules I practice and there are others I don't, so here are some guidelines for you with your HAT.

*It is always proper to tip your Hat to a lady you are meeting for the first time.  Use your left hand so if she wants to shake your hand, the right is free.

*It is OK to leave your Hat on in a public building, only until you enter a private room.  That is when you remove your cover.  It used to be proper to remove your Hat in an elevator but in today's world they are to crowded so it's OK to leave it on your head.
*Always remove for National Anthem, the passing of the flag or a funeral procession.

Besides wearing a Hat to protect you against the elements, a Hat worn properly can give you a sense of Dignity!

Aug 7, 2011


Holy Cat Fish there has been a pile of things I have done and places I have been since I last talked to you fine comrades of mine!  First and foremost we have the final touches of opening our very own CUSTOM HAT SHOP!  We have acquired all the equipment and skills and are ready to build everyone some custom Hats.  More to come on that at a later date!  Here is what has been going on while I was away from you all!

May was very good with our Straw Hats!  We ordered a couple of different body styles that pushed the standard and did very well.  Also our BIG GUN ROPE CO. sold many, many ropes to Cowboys all across the nation!!  It is very exiting to have people loving our product and have repeat customers!

June was amazing!!  I was home barely one week of the whole entire month. The 2nd of June, I left for the Utah Jr. High School Finals and sold tons of Straw Hats and almost our entire supply of Big Gun Kid Ropes.  Two days following that was the Utah High School Finals which my lil bro was apart of!  (He ended up 4th overall in the Steer Wrestling, and went to Gillette, Wyoming for the National High School Finals)  By the end of those 2 weeks I had sold and creased enough Hats to fit an army!  It was spectacular because everywhere you turned there was a Hat that some one had bought from me.  I was home for one day and the loaded another trailer with some Hats and Saddles for the Art of The Cowboy Makers competition in Loveland, CO.  So Holly (my SMOKIN HOT wife) and I left one day earlier and went to the San Diego Padres (my team) and the Colorado Rockies (Holly's team) baseball game in Denver!  I wore my San Diego Hat sitting right next to the Rockies dug out.  Needless to say I lost and Holly got fried so it was about even!  From there we went to Greeley, CO and were able to experience Greeley Hat Works and see there operation!  Let's just say it was very inspiring!  From there, we set up the show and got started with the competition.

I was Proud of my BLACK CHERRY PURE BEAVER HAT WITH AUTHENTIC OSTRICH SWEAT BAND AND HAT BAND.  I was also proud of KADE's WHISKEY PURE BEAVER HAT WITH A CHAR BROWN  BOUND EDGE AND MATCHING BOW HAT BAND!  Kade won second place in the youth and I didn't end up in the top 3.

Then my Sweetheart of a wife locked the keys in the truck in the Olive Garden parking lot. With my temperature pretty close to boiling, I was trying to break into my truck through the back sliding glass window.  I was trying too hard, and shattered my back window!  The next morning at the show,  someone clipped my bumper and left!!!  To top the whole entire trip off, we finally headed home and the water pump goes out in Grand Junction!!  I don't care if I ever go back to COLORADO again!

JULY 2nd, my brother and I were entered up for the weekend at 3 rodeos and a Home Town Roping.  During this Holly and I were moving into a new place!  Parker (my lil man) and I met Kade and his traveling partners in Mt. Pleasant Saturday morning to run our first steers, and Holly stayed home to start unpacking the trailer full of stuff.  No luck for any of us.  I had the boys stop and help move our couches in on our way to Salina for the rodeo that night.  Bad steers and again No Luck.  Then on Sunday Morning we got up and roped in the Redmond Jackpot Team Roping and I ended up winning a little money!  We left there, and I had to take a Cold shower because we hadn't even turned the Hot water heater on in our new place.  We then headed to Tooele to run our last steer of the weekend.  I was first out, pumped and had a good fresh steer. I called for him and got down alil early and he keep running so I reached up and set my feet and then my left knee completely popped out and I fell on my face.  I knew I couldn't stand up, so I bit my lip and hobbled over to the fence, and crawled on the Haze Horse (Pepper AKA the Old Man).  I hazed Kade and Trevor's steers then rode to the horse trailer and couldn't get off the Horse, so I slid onto Frank, went to step with my left leg, and my knee joint gave away and I again fell on my face!  Come to find out I completely tore my left ACL, tore the Lateral Meniscus and had a large Bone Bruise.  So the rest of July I limped around creasing Hats and getting things prepared for our New Hat Shop!

Now that it is August I have a New ACL, trimmed up Meniscus, awesome looking scar, Fresh Ideas and a Hat Shop to kick the rest of the year straight in the ass with!

LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!